Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions Available


A detailed description of volunteering at Clara Luna can be found in the Clara Luna Handbook.

Our goal to provide a supportive environment that sees each individual as unique, capable and worthy of investment. This can only be done through the wonderful people that volunteer with us.



Clara Luna offers a variety of opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of local Ecuadorians and visitors alike by providing educational opportunities, recreational programming, working with ecological projects and much more. As a Clara Luna volunteer, you yourself will benefit by getting to know community members, discover hidden talents, learn new skills, improve old ones and practice your Spanish! Volunteers make close connections with the community here in Puerto López and leave with a sense of achievement, a new family and a new outlook on life.

Clara Luna is selective with our volunteers and we expect them to be professional, honest, dedicated, flexible and overall positive. Beyond this, volunteers need to:
– be 18 years of age or older
– commit to 15 hours a week for a period of one month or more
– help out with general household chores and keeping the volunteer house clean.
– commit to attendance at a weekly meeting
– stay in Puerto López either with a host family arranged by Clara Luna or at the volunteer house

Below are various ways that you can help as a Clara Luna volunteer; you are encouraged to choose some responsibilities, depending on your skills and wishes as well as the needs of the program and the length of your stay here in Puerto López. In your orientation packet you will receive a list of the activities you will be responsible for.

If you think you can contribute in a way that is not mentioned, please let us know and we would be excited to consider it. Clara Luna is constantly changing and improving and we always welcome new ideas!


English Teachers

Teach small-group English classes to children and adults; most classes are at a very basic level. Puerto López is a growing tourist destination and the ability to speak English helps locals, as many work in areas connected to the tourist industry.

Skills needed: Fluent English speaker, some Spanish helpful; ability to work with limited resources, develop and execute lesson plans, create exercises, and think creatively.


Language Exchange Coordinator

Plan and execute our weekly Language Exchange meetings (“Intercambios”), which provide an opportunity to practice English and Spanish while meeting new people and learning about new cultures. All Clara Luna volunteers & students, as well as locals and visitors to Puerto López, are invited to participate in our Intercambios.

Skills needed: Some Spanish & English, experience teaching and/or with cultural exchange


Reading Club Leader

One of our main goals is to promote literacy in Puerto López. We have a small library with offerings for all ages, although the focus is on children. Because the concept of a “lending library” is not part of the culture here, books are only available to be read on site during the Reading Club but also are an option for children to bring home. In general, books are not widely available here. The leader helps teach library patrons how to take care of books, develop reading and comprehension skills, and learn to love reading! The leader monitors the library during club hours, maintains and organizes the books, and helps maintain and make suggestions for our Amazon Wish List.

Skills needed: Intermediate Spanish, interest in promoting literacy & a love of reading


Yoga Instructor

As a way to help fund our projects, volunteers offer yoga classes to local people and visitors, who make a donation to Clara Luna in exchange for the class.

Skills needed: English and/or Intermediate Spanish, training and experience in yoga practice, good spoken communication skills, awareness of the risks that can be involved in exercising


Kids’ Club Leader

Elementary school children come to Club de Niños twice a week for 90 minutes of structured reading and other learning activities, arts and crafts, games, etc. Kids’ Club leaders plan and run the activities during the club.

Skills needed: Love for kids, energy & creativity (think camp counselor!); intermediate Spanish in order to help with the reading activity; Spanish helpful for other areas.


Kids’ Club Assistant

While the leaders of Kids’ club are responsible for planning the activities that week in Kids’ club, you will be responsible for assisting in the activities for that week. You may be assigned to direct a certain activity by the leader. Otherwise, your support is needed to keep everyone on track.

Skills needed: Love for kids, energy & creativity (think camp counselor!); intermediate Spanish in order to help with the reading activity; Spanish helpful for other areas.


Building, Yard and Garden Maintenance

We always welcome help in maintaining and improving the Clara Luna building and yard/garden.

Skills needed: Those you might be able to offer!


Fundacion Jose Rivera

Clara Luna works in conjunction with the Fundación Jose Rivera, which strives to improve the lives of disabled children and adults through education, therapy and friendship. There are two main ways you can help:


Day Program Assistant

The Fundación is open for certain groups where participants enjoy art, reading, excursions to the beach, etc. and volunteers help in these activities.

Skills needed: Patience, energy & creativity; some Spanish helpful


Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy

There is a lack of professionals in Puerto López who are skilled in ways to help people living with disabilities. Speech and physical therapist are needed, and ideally for a longer period of time. Home visits are made to those needing special assistance in order to assess needs and provide whatever therapy is possible.

Skills needed: professional background in helping the disabled; some Spanish helpful


GLOW Group

Clara Luna offers an 8-week GLOW course for young women (ages 13-18) in Puerto López. The aim of the course is to improve self-esteem, build healthy relationships, practice goal-setting, and learn more about womens’ health. At the end of the course, the women are aware of their rights and the impact of gender roles in Ecuador, their community, and the media, understand how gender effects their daily lives, and can act appropriatly in regards to self-esteem, body image, and relationships creating healthier lifestyles and relationships.

Skills needed: Fluent Spanish, a passion for women and gender


Youth Club Leader

Like Kids’ Club, there is a youth club at Clara Luna. The leader is responsible for planning the activities around the monthly theme and carrying out the activities with the youth. Monthly themes could include health, environment, reading, theater, art, etc… (any ideas welcome). The activities should be fun mixed with a little bit of education.

Skills needed: Advanced Spanish, creativity, love for youth, patience.

You may have a specific skill and idea to offer – please let us know! Examples of skills/projects offered in the past: puppet making, drama, sports, website development/editing, organization of Clara Luna resource, volunteer program marketing, fundraising, music, cooking….


A detailed description of volunteering at Clara Luna can be found in the Clara Luna Handbook.