November at Clara Luna by Annabel Wiest.


“A month of Rights and Respect” by Annabel Wiest.

Translated by Lorraine Smart

  Here we go again! This month of November was intense and full of wonderful themes. We are still recording our Facebook Lives and we’re working hard for our kids’ clubs. The good news is that winter is coming, so is the sun, actually …

 Clara Luna’s team was working on new themes in relation to Human Rights and respecting others. We celebrated the day of non-violence against women, the gender equality, and the day of disability. The challenge was getting to explain such important themes to children from 6 to 12.

With the Library group, we could get deeper in these themes especially the ones that concerned women’s rights. It was incredible to have the group on Saturdays: we had debates, free talking, and activities to understand what exactly gender does mean and what questions it does bring. We also talked about harassment with them, and cyber harassment. We tried to get more comfortable about the theme in order to prevent harassment; we even made an activity where we had to put ourselves in someone’s shoes and get to know at what point we were talking about harassment. These kids are so open-minded and were able to talk about their own experiences. I feel that when they’re coming to Clara Luna, they feel safe and know that they can share with us. Clara Luna is also a place of support where you can express yourself without any sort of shame.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is getting to its end. In December, we’ll have one or two chapters left. So we are already thinking about our next book to finish the year. The movie night’s celebrity was “Matilda” so that we could stay with Roald Dahl’s theme.

The Virtual Language Exchange is welcoming more and more people. And our surprise is that we have now a lot more people who want to practice their Spanish … So we are waiting for you, you’re the only one left!

Thanks for reading us, we’ll see you in December with Christmas stories …