April at Clara Luna by Paola Martínez

Translated by Abril Mendoza

Meanwhile, in times of a world pandemic.

In Clara Luna, there are four people in quarantine since March 16 for, about, 5 weeks we had dark days with sunshine. We were paralyzed and enclosed by the circumstances; we had weeks of uncertainty due to everything that was and is happening, with the nostalgia of having the house empty, honestly boring.

In the first two weeks of April, we concentrated on helping the children managed the quarantine, we worked on providing books at home, and we created a catalog of 50 narrative books from our library stock. The children selected a book from their houses, and we went out to make the corresponding deliveries so that the children could be distracted reading until “the panorama improves.” Furthermore, the children began to share videos of their readings with us.

On April 18, we surveyed parents to understand their situation during the health emergency, being able to identify their needs and a different way of carrying out activities with children. Consequently, we started a new way of working: the “Virtual Kids Club.” Through the social network Facebook, the most popular in our community, the children of the club could connect through the Facebook accounts of their parents. In April, we made three broadcasts, and we had the pleasant surprise of knowing that the children missed their Clara Luna routines, and we also missed them. The longing for shared moments invaded us.

The first virtual session was a debut, with the theme of “Earth Day,” for almost thirty minutes we were on the air. Time in which we read Oliver Jeffers through “Here we are” and his notes to live on the planet earth, a children’s audience that sent greetings, and messages on how to protect planet earth. A resounding success!

The second transmission we celebrated “Book Day,” the main activity was to read “A child of books” by Oliver Jeffers, and we presented the puppet play “The Incredible Book Eating Boy” by the same author. We made some recommendations on what children can do at home, and how to stop the spread of the virus through hand washing, social distancing. We explain the differences between isolation, quarantine, and estrangement.

The theme of the third transmission was “Ceibo Day,” a celebration of the icon tree in the province of Manabi, we read “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers, the story of Floyd, a boy who tries to solve a problem by throwing things at him. We also share some ideas of friendly actions with planet earth that we can do at home.

Another activity that we had the opportunity to coordinate was the delivery of food kits for 40 families in the canton, a second-level subdivision of Ecuador. It was carried out thanks to friends and volunteers from Clara Luna Their donations, allowed us to reach families who are facing hard times as a result of the pandemic.

April surprised us! For Annabel, Paolo, and me, volunteers of the “quarantine team.” The situation has been a transformative experience, which has not only allowed us to see the positive side in times of adversity, but also to find a way to reinvent ourselves, creating another way to continue connecting with our community. We will continue to tell you more!