August at Clara Luna by Annabel Wiest

Translated by Abril Mendoza

Welcome, Little Prince!

To end our Anthony Browne chapter in our Virtual Kids’ Club, a very famous gorilla went into Clara Luna’s spotlight: King Kong. Anthony Browne had created his version of King Kong using features from the original film. The book was divided into four parts, and it delighted all the kids in the club! Anthony Browne’s subversive universe worked perfectly with human cruelty in King Kong, and the author added a touch of color and sweetness to it.

            During the movie nights of August, we chose to deal with animals and saw Life of Pi and The Lion King. So, we were able to continue the theme of animal life that we could see in many of Anthony Browne’s tales.

            Our Anthony Browne series was coming to an end: we needed a new project. Last month, we watched The Little Prince during our movie night, the animated film. Reading the book seemed crystal clear to us. We had to find a way to be organize given the length of the book, the number of chapters, and a possible lack of illustrations. We shared the reading: our various colleagues and partners from other schools or associations agreed to read one or two chapters. Some children of the club allowed themselves into the game. The highlight of the show was the book. It was not only the little prince book but the little prince in three dimensions. We used the “pop-up” version of the book. Taking pictures of the illustrations was no good enough: it was necessary to film the movements of the book, the characters coming out of the pages, the possible manipulations and this, from different angles. What an extraordinary project! It is just the beginning; we will read the rest of the chapters during September. We have all become children again, and every day we are trying to keep our young and innocent soul:

“All grown-ups were children once – although few of them remember it”.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.