November at Clara Luna

In November, there were three girls volunteering at Clara Luna: Tatiana from Belgium, Lisa from France, and Sara from Germany. The experience at Clara Luna was unforgettable, we met such amazing people from the foundation and also from Puerto Lopez. Something really nice here is that you won’t be bored, there are so many different things to do. Apart from the regular programs that we have enjoyed, such as Club de Niños and English classes, we did several special activities this month:

As Paola and the volunteers do once a month, we went up to the north, where the earthquake hit few villages. It was pretty special because “Foundation Futuro” organized for the first time in their village of San Vicente “El Festival del Juego”. This event applied a french concept called “Ludotheque”, providing toys, playgrounds and reading areas. We spent the afternoon sharing the books and stories we had brought with us with local kids and families.

The next day, we went to Tabuchila, a community around Canoa. Many children moved from their places to participate at the activities we proposed (crafts, reading stories). We finished this beautiful day by presenting a Puppet Show that we had prepared before coming called “La Ratita Presumida”! It was a great moment to share with these kids. We will remember all their cutest smiles !!

The following week we prepared with the kids of Club de Niños a special event called “Erase una vez…”. This event took place on Friday evening, when the parents joined their kids after Club de Niños. Three of the kids read books they had been practicing to the audience, and for each reader another kid helped to show the pictures of the respective books. Another highlight of this evening was the puppet play “La ratita presumida”, which the children performed for their parents. It was a really nice event, and the kids did a great job!

Besides the activities at Clara Luna, we continued to help the Book Bus project. With Arturo, the person in charge for the project in Puerto Lopez, we visited schools in the surroundings, bringing books with us to read with the students. At the same time, we specifically supported students which had shown to have reading difficulties in the earlier examinations. We trained with the kids individually to increase their literacy level, by practicing to read single letters, syllables, and words, respectively. We like this project a lot, and hope it will continue for a long time! If you want to have an impression of the project, we recommend you to watch one of the videos on youtube.


reading  activity in Tabuchila
Tabuchila - making "quitapensares"
Tabuchila – making “quitapesares”
“Erase una vez…” – reading of Ramón preocupón
“Erase una vez…” – puppet play by the kids!
Book Bus – reading activity in one of the local schools
Book Bus – telling a story
Book Bus – improving literacy on an individual basis

42 seconds in which the Earth moved and forever changed the lives of all Ecuadorians


After the earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on 16 th April, something that nobody could imagine happened and from then on we were not, nor will we be the same.

Everyone surely remembers what they were doing that Saturday at 18h58, the day the Earth moved and moved us all. Then we begin to understand the tragedy. The whole country showed its solidarity with the victims of the North, of the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas and without exception we all contribute what we can to help people who lost a little, a lot and some who have lost everything!

Clara Luna team not could be indifferent to this drama that in many cases has gone beyond materials losses. With the raising of funds to aid the children who are in distress, we made relaxing leisure activities and recreation for our children in the North.

Our plan started from South to North, it took 6 weeks of work to identify and coordinate sites to carry out our planned activities with children. We began our route with the slogan “We are united by the same” and “Fuerza Ecuador”

During the time of our work in the north, we made a delivery of 1200 kits of paper for coloring and colored pencils in the communities visited. In 6 weekends, a total of 30 volunteers, between 5 and 8 people per week visited 25 different sites between communities, refuges and shelters, in the localities of Manta, Portoviejo, Rocafuerte, Tosagua, San Vicente, Bahía de Caráquez, Canoa, Jama, Pedernales and Cojimíes.

Our weekends became life experiences and a real example of people overcoming difficulties. Ecuador, such a small country, but simultaneously so rich in nature and warmth of humanity. We see it can rise from the rubble, work that is by no means easy but not impossible. We will continue in contact with our dear neighbors, taking the deserving children more activities and rest bite from their difficult time. And as stated in Canoa children when we said: “And Colorín colorado, this bridge has broken”

See you soon!

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