December at Clara Luna by Mary Moore

The month of December was a whirl-wind here in Clara Luna. December brought the strong sun that many volunteers were waiting for.. just in time for some of them to bid us farewell! Carolina (France), Paige (United States), Manuela (France), Lucy (Germany) all said “Adios” in December, and our poor new volunteer, Gus had to […]

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November at Clara Luna by Kamila Berentowicz.

In November we had a full house. There were Jane & Phillip from England, Viviane & Mary from Canada, Manuela & Caroline from France, Paige from the USA, Kamila from Poland, and last but not least Christian, Claudia and Lucy from Germany. We were like happy sardines in a multicultural can 😉 We taught English […]

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October at Clara Luna by Phil Davies

This month the volunteers at Clara Luna were: Tessa (Holland), Manuela (France), Jane & Phil (England), Dana (South Korea), Jenness (US), Darren & Fiona (Scotland), Steffen (Germany), Viviane (Canada), Claudia & Christian (Germany) and Picker (Taiwan) Working at the Foundation: Caroline (France) We were also visited by a friend of Clara Luna, Gary Vance from […]

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