December at Clara Luna

The month of December was a very exciting one all centering around one event, our holiday party. Two weeks before, kids started preparing decorations for the party during kids club after our normal reading activities. Some parents of the kids met to make secret santa gifts out of recycled materials. And during English classes, the kids practiced some carols in English to sing during the party. The party was on the 22nd of December, where all the children who partake in our activities in Clara Luna were invited to attend with their parents. During the party we told a Christmas story, sang Christmas carols, did a secret santa gift exchange between parents, had a video and snacks, and most importantly had a special visitor, Santa, who gave out small gifts to each child. We had a wonderful end to 2016  and are looking forward to 2017 at Clara Luna!         15697747_1405814766108810_4402715655992308659_n 15697708_1405812776109009_8733672733705641046_n 15672881_1405812406109046_4180286814004396603_n 15672494_1405812609442359_2909221658467266386_n 15665621_1405814689442151_567936070982534476_n 15622292_1405812539442366_4419248812002001400_n 15589641_1405814042775549_3953367451799410320_n 15589553_1405812569442363_907069927526497424_n 15193527_1405813026108984_1480059739767849451_n