January at Clara Luna by Franka Sketta

We started the New Year with a lot of energy!

In January the team of Clara Luna consisted of the three volunteers Annabel from France, Maddie from the United States and Franka from Germany. We also had a lot of help from Paolo, the son of Paola.

Throughout the month the kids from “Club de niños” read many books from Dr. Seuss. They loved listening to the rhymes and completed them by themselves. The stories “Huevos Verdes con Jamón”, “Yoruga la Tortuga”, “Gertrudis Paz”, “El Gran Fanfarrón”, “Loráx” and others made us laugh and also learn how to be happy with ourselves.

We’re very excited to start again with the “Club de lobitos” in which we work with people with disabilities. Together, we all went to the beach of Puerto López, surfing and just enjoying the waves. It was a lot of fun!

A novelty is our “Clubcito” for the little ones with ages 3-5. It’s so great to see that even they are so enthusiastic about reading or listening to a volunteer reading. They experienced how “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” transformed into a beautiful butterfly which they later painted. By reading and painting “Elmer” the kids discovered diversity and friendship.

This month we went twice to San Jacinto, a district of Puerto López for our event “Cuentos en la plaza”. We brought the library to the kids of this district and also performed the muppet show “La princesa vestida con una bolsa de papel” again. It was amazing to see how fascinated the children were by watching the smart princess tricking the dangerous dragon. The second time we went there, we focused on the stories of Anthony Brown. Finally everyone drew his main character, the kind gorilla Willy.

As you can see, January was an exciting month for our Foundation and we are looking forward to all the adventures February will bring to Clara Luna.