July at Clara Luna by Paola Martinez

Translated by Abril Mendoza

The traffic lights of emotions.

In Ecuador, most cities have not changed the colors of their traffic lights. There are new rules and restrictions on mobility and activities overall we continue at home.

In July, our live broadcasts reached more homes, motivating us a lot. While the time of exceptions continues, we love that books unite us from a distance. We remain in quarantine, and we continue to explore good quality children’s literature through Anthony Browne and his «game of forms.» The stories we read provoked emotions of all kinds. They were tender, and they spoke about friendship, fear, and going through doors that lead to imaginary places. We learned through the «game of forms» stories related to art and artistic works of painters important such as da Vinci, Magritte, Picasso, among others, and we make virtual visits to different museums around the world.

We took some time to get to know the life of Frida Kahlo as an artistic exponent of Latin America. We read «Little Frida» by Anthony Browne, in a special session, with a visit to our virtual club by Martha Garay, director of the collective «Santo Remedio Literatura para niños y niñas,” from Mexico.

We learned about important people who have left their mark on the world’s history; for example, Nelson Mandela and his fight for racial segregation, Malala Yousafzai and her fight for the right of education of girls and women, and Jane Goodall and her effort to protect primates.

On our first movie night, we saw the movie «Le Petit Prince,» a special night to meet and talk through «the proximity of the screen,» realizing how much we miss our face-to-face club and the importance of human contact.

Our traffic light remains red. It is not allowed to socialize. We cannot meet in person. However, despite everything, we have allowed ourselves to get excited through books to continue learning, we sincerely hope that the stories do not stop.

See you soon!