May at Clara Luna by Annabel Wiest

Translated by Abril Mendoza

Let’s have a look at what happened in May at Clara Luna, the month that marks a custom that we have now in our work, and where different projects are born. Our “live” shows on Facebook are popular, and they are becoming professional. We discovered some new features on the platform such as uploading videos, playing music, sharing the screen, uploading a YouTube link, and transmitting the live video. It makes our work more comprehensive and fuller. For example, during the live, we broadcasted videos of former volunteers sending their best wishes to the children. Unfortunately, we depend on the internet and technology. Sometimes due to the very slow and weak internet connection, the transmission is interrupted. We had to cancel a transmission and postpone it for the next day because the network had difficulties. Yet the children are always so motivated and punctual! We found a great dynamic between Paola, Paolo, her son, and myself. It is as if we were not in quarantine: every Monday, we have a meeting that begins a week that is full of stories and emotions.

What is happening during this quarantine? Officially, we have not been in quarantine for the beginning of May. The Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has set up a red, yellow, and green traffic light system. Each color corresponds to a list of restrictions similar to those in quarantine. In Puerto López, the mayor Javier Pincay announced a red light for all of May. The curfew is still mandatory from 2 P.M. to 5 A.M. and, even though the restrictions are not so strict now, we should try to stay home. The restaurants are still closed, many started a delivery service, and that delighted me because I missed the “encebollado” (the typical Ecuadorian fish and onion soup). We patiently wait until good news arrives, and it seems the health situation has certainly calmed down. We nevertheless remain very vigilant. For example, before entering the market, we must always go through the disinfection tunnel and check our temperature.

We are gradually starting to see a little light in the approaching future. The government seems to be implementing educational innovations in the circumstances of the health crisis. The school is going to be organized remotely, with courses on the internet and television. Like in other countries, some schools are gradually reopening their doors with a restriction on the number of students present. We are thinking of organizing ourselves to provide academic support to Clara Luna’s children. The current idea is to have a small group of fewer than ten children and to follow the school program. Some of them do not always have internet or television access. For many parents, it is difficult to imagine sending their child to school during the ongoing world health crisis. We are currently investigating the different situations of families to be able to plan new activities. Clara Luna evolves and adapts in all situations! We will momentarily continue our kid’s club online!

Clara Luna usually participates in the “Festiartes,” it’s a festival in Puerto Lopez which takes place every May. Unfortunately, the event has been canceled for this year. Nonetheless, we are going to organize it on a live show on Facebook for two consecutive mornings. This event will take place at the end of June, and you will soon be informed of this year’s special festival.

See you soon.