November at Clara Luna

November started out very relaxed with a four day weekend “Day of the Dead Feriado” giving Paola, Joseph, Scott and Linda time to recharge after their trip to the north. The team was joined by the new volunteer Antonia from Germany. Saddly Scott and Linda left near the end of November after spending two months working at Clara Luna.

This month we continued with the legends theme in Club de Niños, adding “El Duende”, “Las Brujas Blancas” and “El Padre Almeida” to the list. Tying into that theme, the kids prepared the play “Davilara el Rey de la Bomba” for the monthly event “Érase Una Vez”.

The Jovenes spent this month learning all about local endangered animals like the Guacamayo Parrot and the various sea turtles coming to Puerto Lopez to nest each year.  They took a field trip to a nearby park to visit a project trying to increase the native Guacamayo population by releasing captive ones slowly into the wild.

The trip to the north was also a really fun experience. Paola Joseph and Antonia were joined by Lino, a new volunteer from Germany, for the trip. Together we visited various schools in Canoa, Tabuchila, San Vincente and Chone to read with the Kids and perform the theatre production “Davilara el Rey de la Bomba”. It was great to see the kids staring at the puppets with openmouths, and to see the wonder in their faces while telling the story. Reading with them was a special treat as well, because you could tell they really needed the practice made possible through the Clara Luna Foundation.

On our last day in Chone we where able to take part in the parade for the Dia Internacional de la Discapacidad.

Yarén sharing feathers.
Reading time in Río Muchacho.
Making rooster for the legend “Las Brujas Blancas”.
Victoria cutting worms.
Rosmery showing her Padre Almeida picture.
Team work. Alena and Lupita.
“Padre Almeida” craft activity.
Playing during Club de Niños.