October at Clara Luna y Andreina Mejía

Translated by Lorraine Smart

This month, I started doing my internships with the Clara Luna team, as it is my last year in school, and you need to have experience about what you studied. I decided to do them at Clara Luna because it would be very good for my future aspirations as I can learn to do better with an audience, and I can lead a working group at any time in my life, and well, also because I know that it will serve me a lot in the career I want to study in college (Architecture), also because I feel that it is a great opportunity to know new things, and open me to a world of learning.

During the internships, I am helping to prepare live broadcasts, Language Exchanges and youth group activities. Now, we are dealing with the project of the implementation of the Community Library, a project based on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which I am leading, and helping the Clara Luna Foundation team with. Many of us wonder … why a library? What’s interesting about it? And well, here in my locality a library is necessary because there are many young people and sometimes we seek a quiet place to be and read, and the books available are indispensable. It looks complicated, but with the desire we have to make it a reality, we will achieve it!

As you know, we have been teaching children’s clubs and English classes virtually, the face-to-face volunteers are: Annabel, Paola and I, and virtually there are Barbara and April, although April says? good bye to us at the end of this month. Most exciting is that we still travel in the story of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, each chapter is a new, and amazing experience for the children who accompany us on the broadcasts.

On movie night, the children chose a film full of magic, emotion and fantasy: “The Big Friendly Giant.” They enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. You might think that preparing and delivering the virtual kids club is easy. I personally can tell you that it is not easy, because sometimes there are technical flaws, the internet goes off, and you also have to look for information for each transmission, then coordination is required, and a little agility to solve the problems that arise when it comes to the transfer.

At the end of this month here in Ecuador we will celebrate the Day of the Dead.  People usually make guaguas of bread (the word guagua means child, and comes from the indigenous language kichwa or quichua), this bread is made with flour dough in the form of a child, and it is decorated to taste with a glaze of different colors, as you wish. The guaguas are eaten accompanied by a drink called colada morada (spiced purple corn fruit drink), this drink is considered an intangible gastronomic heritage of Ecuador.

We say goodbye to this month of fun and learning and thank you for reading it. Remember to follow security protocols and take great care of yourself.  See you next month!