Club de Niños

Club de Niños is an after school program for youth of all ages in Puerto López. The programs focus is to encourage and support literacy in the community and promote the love of reading. Participants come to enjoy free reading time, are read to aloud by volunteers and participate in a wide range of activities.


Art Projects

Although some regard arts and crafts as a luxury, they really are building blocks of child development. Art projects encourage creativity, develop motor skills, help in language development, build cultural awareness and, above all, encourage self expression and build confidence.


Environmental Initiatives

Clara Luna provides interactive programming that strives to educate participants about their environment and encourages them to act as responsible citizens. Our program supplies are often the recyclables of the volunteer house or salvaged from our beach clean-ups!


Global Citizenship

Organizing much of the Club de Niños programming around the UN International Days calendar provides ample opportunity to talk about issues that are relevant, not only here in Puerto Lopez, but provides a window to a global approach- and with so many international volunteers, the conditions have never been so favourable!


Special Projects

Clara Luna is fortunate to have a constantly shifting volunteer base with a vast number of skills and talents. Passionate volunteers are always encouraged to provide workshops in whatever it is they are passionate about. Puppet shows, small theatre productions, dance workshops… the participants love it all!