September at Clara Luna by Paola Martínez

“A month of learning through “The Little Prince.”

Translated by Abril Mendoza.

Ecuador has come out of the exception state. However, we continue to stay at home for our safety and of our families. The streamings are adding up, and we have reached 42 of them, in which we have entered our project “The Little Prince,” we are reading and traveling with this book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a must-see for all ages.

September was an enriching month in which national and international guests, interviewees, and friends of the Children’s Literature Network participated as readers of the story. There were also debutant readers. Yes, two girls from our Children’s Club read this story of friendship, motto, encounters, and disagreements with the world of adults, a hard and awkward world to understand.

On our movie night, the movie chosen by a vote of the children of the club was “Charlie, and the Chocolate Factory” adapted from the book by Roald Dalh. The story of Charlie Bucket and his visit to the mysterious chocolate factory of the famous inventor Willy Wonka.

Like every Wednesday, we had virtual language exchanges, with people coming together to practice English and Spanish from different parts of the country and the world. We also received the support of Barbara and Abril from the United States as remote volunteers for English classes.

We say goodbye to this month of learning, remembering through “The Little Prince” that “The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

Thank you for reading. See you in October!