Spanish Lessons Terms and Conditions

Spanish Lessons Terms and Conditions

Online Lessons

Spanish Lessons Online are held via Skype or Zoom. Duration: 55 minutes each hour.

During the classes we share documents, images, videos and audios through Skype or Zoom and watch Together. The teacher will give you new material for every lesson, as well as homework if you want.

Free Trial Lesson

Before starting lessons, you and your teacher will meet each other, talk about your goals and the teacher will check your Spanish level.

Click here to Book a free trial session! You will see a short form and a calendar with the available dates. Choose the one you like and write us to book it. You will shortly receive a confirmation email. The trial lesson is completely free and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The trial lesson does not require you to buy more lessons. If you need to cancel or reschedule the trial lesson, it is necessary to notify us 24 hours before the scheduled appointment

The test class is not mandatory. You can book lessons directly, without taking the trial lesson.

Payments and rates

Go to Spanish lessons Online and choose the kind of lesson or the package you would like to buy.

The payment of the classes is made through PayPal. When you book the classes or contact us to the e-mail: pmartinez@claraluna.com.ec, you will receive an invoice from PayPal.

If you buy a package of 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons, you don’t need to book all the sessions at the same moment, book the number of sessions you want. You will get a confirmation email and after that we will contact you to remind you the number of lessons you still have to book. All packages expire at the latest 3 months from the day of purchase. Please check it in advance!

If you book a class, you must make the payment within 3 working days of receipt of the invoice. All services will always be paid in advance, except for the free trial class. When you book the classes and make the payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

Cancellations or No-Shows

The lesson starts at the time you booked. Please contact us on Zoom or Skype, message or email if you have an unexpected delay. After 15 minutes of waiting without receiving any previous message, I will consider the lesson completed and money will not be refundable. No-shows will be charged as well.

If the student cancels/reschedules a lesson with at least 24 hours before the class starts the lesson can be rescheduled or canceled. If the student cancels the lesson with less than 24 hours before the class starts the lesson will not be refundable and will be marked as completed. We will be flexible in case of a real emergency.

If there is a cancellation on the part of the teacher, the lesson can be rescheduled or the money can be refunded.

Vacation or Illnes:

The teacher will inform the student about vacation time in advance. In case the teacher is ill, the teacher can cancel the lesson and that can be held at another time or, if the student prefers, the money will be refunded.