Volunteer Experience: Claudia and Chris

IMG_7548Name: Claudia / Christian
Nationality: German
Age: 29

How did you find out about Clara Luna?  

What attracted you to working with Clara Luna?

A lot of different projects with children

What do you think your best skills are for being a volunteer?

Responsibility, creativity, experience with children and knowledge about social games

What is your current volunteer role with Clara Luna, briefly describe your typical day.

-teaching english (2 classes, twice a week)
– exercises with Ulessis (three times a week)
– help with Club de Ninos (twice a week
– turtle patrols (twice a week in the morning)

How long have you been volunteering with us? (eg. 3 weeks out of 6)

4 weeks

Have you volunteered before?
Where? A horse ranch in Costa Rica
How long? 2.5 weeks
What did you do? taking care of the horses, preparing them for tourists and riding
the horses that require more socialization
What did you like about that program to encourage you to volunteer again?

the variety of work and the amazing kids!
How does Clara Luna differ to the last volunteering program?

Clara Luna was much more work, but didn’t FEEL like work.
Clara Luna provided more contact with the locals in the community

Describe in 3 words what makes a good volunteer

flexibility, creativity, responsibility

What difference do you feel you have made so far?

I learned a lot about Ecuadorian culture, the language and how everything works here. We tried to give our input regarding the structural context and educational objectives of club de Ninos but the time was too short.

Did you speak Spanish prior to volunteering with Clara Luna? No, not really

Has your Spanish improved since volunteering with Clara Luna?

Yes, of course

Describe in 3 words your experience here at Clara Luna

Insightful, diverse, lovely