Volunteer Experience: Jane

Nationality: British
Age: 55

How did you find out about Clara Luna?  
Volunteer Latin America website

What attracted you to working with Clara Luna?

The range of opportunities, Skype call with Paola, the location

What do you think your best skills are for being a volunteer?

Teaching experience, language skills, flexibility, willingness to learn

What is your current volunteer role with Clara Luna, briefly describe your typical day.

Teaching english, physio sessions 3 times a week, club de ninos, intercambio- there is no real typical day!

How long have you been volunteering with us? (eg. 3 weeks out of 6)

2 months

Describe in 3 words what makes a good volunteer

flexibility, openness, empathy

What difference do you feel you have made so far?

providing opportunities for students to progress both in confidence (personal development) and language skills

Did you speak Spanish prior to volunteering with Clara Luna? Yes

If Yes: Do you think it is important? If no:  Did you find it difficult?
It helps with non-english speakers, but it’s not essential

Has your Spanish improved since volunteering with Clara Luna?


Describe in 3 words your experience here at Clara Luna

Unforgettable Life-affirming Fulfilling