Volunteer Experience: Manuela

Name: Manuela
Nationality: French
Age: 2410983063_10205926380017408_1532364910_o

How did you find out about Clara Luna?  

What attracted you to working with Clara Luna?

– The diversity of the possible activities to wok as a volunteer.
– The flexibility
– The location
– The price

What do you think your best skills are for being a volunteer?

Adaptability and optimism

What is your current volunteer role with Clara Luna, briefly describe your typical day.

I was visiting the home of a 7 year old boy to help with physiotherapy and a teenage girl for support with homework and help with physiotherapy. With the girl, I ended up being more of a social support.
I tutored kids in the community
Helped with Club de Niños
Went to The Foundación to work with people with disabilities

How long have you been volunteering with us? (eg. 3 weeks out of 6)

13 weeks

Describe in 3 words what makes a good volunteer

Open-minded, Motivated, Flexible

Did you speak Spanish prior to volunteering with Clara Luna?
Yes, as I have Spanish nationality

If Yes: Do you think it is important? If no:  Did you find it difficult?
I think it helps a lot to share deeper things with locals. But actually, smiles, sounds and open-mindedness are probably enough.

Has your Spanish improved since volunteering with Clara Luna?

My Spanish didn’t exactly ‘improve’ but the ability to adapt to latin expressions and ways of speaking (no more “z” sound!)

Describe in 3 words your experience here at Clara Luna

Meeting new people Freedom Responsibility