Long-Term Volunteers

Our volunteers are required to commit to at least one month of work and some want to stay longer. For these people, we offer the option of a long-term volunteer. With this role, comes more responsibility and a larger role in the success of Clara Luna.

We ask long-term volunteers to commit to work at Clara Luna for either six months or one year.  Upon completion of one month in a regular volunteer role, you transition to your long-term volunteer responsibilities. In your long-term volunteer position, your responsibilities at Clara Luna would include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Ensuring all projects, classes, and clubs are led by a volunteer at Clara Luna AND you are following up on these projects, providing suggestions, solving problems, and approving lesson plans/activities.
  • Social Media Guru – Publishing blog posts, photos, posts, etc. on our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress Blog).
  • Grant/Donation Supervisor –  Clara Luna is able to do all of it’s projects and clubs with the generous donations and grants of others.  We need someone to seek out grant opportunities and apply for them and host fundraising campaigns locally and internationally.
  • Odds and Ends – There are many times we are lacking a couple of volunteers at Clara Luna.  During this time, you may be responsible for leading one of the clubs or teaching an English class.

Skills and experience needed for this position:

  • Advanced Spanish
  • Flexibility
  • Grant application and fundraising experience
  • Experience in a managing/leadership role
  • Ability to work with many different types of people and a team player

Perks of a long-term volunteer:

  • Intense immersion into the community of Puerto López, Ecuador
  • Discount on accommodation
  • Assistance in a Visa Application (the visa will cost $450 dollars, Clara Luna cannot reimburse you for the Visa fee but we are more than happy to help you apply for one)
  • Credible leadership experience

If you are interested in a long-term volunteer position, please mention this on your application. You are also able to apply for this position during your stay at Clara Luna, if you wish to stay longer.