Volunteer Expectations

Clara Luna Foundation is an Ecuadorean non-profit organization.  The volunteers are very important to the success of the foundation and are held to high standards.  All volunteers are required to follow the expectations and standards.  Before arrival, you will also be asked to sign the “volunteer expectations”.

Pre-Arrival Expectations: 
Does Clara Luna sound like the place for you? If so, here are the steps:
1) Fill out volunteer application
2) Have a Skype interview with Clara Luna’s director, Paola (Skype ID: claraluna74). Check the UCT time here!
3) Send a 50% deposit to reserve your room via Western Union (Paola will provide you with the information during your communication with her).

Please check Cost and Commitment for more details about accommodation options for CLV.

1. Volunteer Expectations at Clara Luna

  • Volunteers will complete a minimum of 15 hours of unpaid service each week (subject to change depending on the number of volunteers). This includes preparation time needed for classes and activities.  Weekly responsibilities are assigned before your arrival and in the weeks during your stay in the Monday meetings. Volunteers must complete their responsibilities accordingly.
  • It is mandatory to attend weekly meeting. The meeting will be in both English and Spanish to accommodate all volunteers.
  • Volunteers are required to arrive at Clara Luna ten minutes prior to starting class or leading an activity.
  • Volunteers may not leave Puerto López or take day trips Tuesday through Friday due to their responsibilities at Clara Luna.
  • Volunteers must organize accommodation in Puerto López through Clara Luna. This means, the volunteer must live in the volunteer house or with an approved host family.
  • Volunteers are responsible for the behavior of the students to ensure that the classroom, desks, and furniture are not damaged through misconduct such as drawing on the walls or on the surface of the desks.
  • All teaching material, books, computers, and iPads provided are the responsibility of the volunteer to maintain and return prior to leaving.
  • Volunteers must be committed to be volunteer at Clara Luna until the agreed upon date above. Volunteers are responsible for briefing the next volunteer in their role before leaving.
  • Many volunteers develop friendship with students and other locals. Please remember that you are their teacher and a representative of Clara Luna. Maintain your professionalism by creating boundaries.
  • At any time volunteers should not
    • Be working with a child alone in a secluded space.
    • Emotionally abuse a child.
    • Develop a sexual or romantic relationship with a child.
    • Touch, hold, kiss, or hug a child in an inappropriate or culturally insensitive way.
    • Use language that is offensive, or abusive towards or around a child.
    • Behave in a sexually provocative or threatening way in the presence of a child.

2. Absence and Illness

  • In the case of illness or a necessary absence from work, volunteers must notify the director or volunteer coordinator at the earliest available opportunity.
  • The Clara Luna Foundation does not take responsibility for any accidents or diseases that may occur.

3. Alcohol, drug and cigarette use

  • Smoking is forbidden during the working time or while there are children in the house. It is also forbidden to smoke inside the Clara Luna house.
  • Drinking or being drunk during work hours is prohibited. While it is acceptable to enjoy a drink inside the house outside of work hours, parties, and excessive drinking are not allowed. If you choose to drink outside the house, remember that you are a representative of Clara Luna.
  • The use of illegal drugs will not be accepted or tolerated by the project.

4. Fees

Volunteers must pay their fees in total for the room at Clara Luna on the day of arrival. If a volunteer chooses to terminate their volunteer service early, no refunds will be made.

  • Volunteers won’t receive any payment during their time at the project.
  • Your deposit of the half of the value of the housing fee must be submitted 15 days before arrival, it is preferable to submit the deposit when you receive your orientation packet. There is no refund for your deposit.

5. The Clara Luna House

Please remember that you are living in a shared space.  The kitchen, living room, and balcony need to be kept clean and tidy.  Respect the other people who live in the house.  They are not there to clean up after you, nor should they have to put up with your mess.

  • Kitchen: Read the kitchen rules upon arrival and help keep the kitchen clean – if the garbage or compost is full, empty it. Please do your dishes promptly, and remember to wipe down the counters and put the dishes away. Please keep your food in its allotted space in the fridge/cupboards and don´t eat other people´s food.
  • Each bed has a color assigned to it. This same color is in on the cupboards and in the refrigerator. Keep your food with the designated color from your bed.
  • If you are going out at night, make sure you have coordinated with other volunteers and have a key. If you want your own key, a copy can be made but a $10 deposit is required, which will be returned when you give the key back at the end of your stay at Clara Luna.
  • The house is on a busy street with many people walking by. If you are leaving the house empty, lock the door.
  • If you are the last person to go to bed, ensure the door is locked, the balcony gate is shut and locked, and the lights are off.
  • Dormitory: If you are staying in the dormitory, respect your roommate and keep the room tidy. Share cleaning duties (sweeping, cleaning the bathroom) with your roommate.
  • Private room: If you are staying in a private room, keep the room tidy and clean up (sweeping, cleaning the bathroom) by yourself.
  • Volunteers will be given bed sheets, a blanket, and a pillow. Bed sheets will be washed once every other week.  At the end of your stay, please remove them from the bed to have them cleaned for the next volunteer.  You are responsible if you would like your bed sheets washed more regularly.
  • Shoes may not be worn in the house, upon entry everyone needs to take off their shoes.

Abusing or breaking any of the above rules may lead to expulsion from the project without any reimbursement.